Looking for a beer garden in Liverpool?

Sip cocktails at our outdoor garden bar

It is when the sun comes out that we realise just how few outdoor gardens the bars in this city have to offer. We have some of the best pubs and the most stylish cocktail bars in Liverpool but if you want to drink in the sunshine (and who doesn’t fancy doing that from time to time?) where do you head? The answer ? head to the most stylish beer garden in Liverpool, here at Alma de Cuba.

Enjoying a beer garden in Liverpool this September

At the moment it might not seem as though there is much call for a beer garden in Liverpool but don’t forget that the great British summer time often comes in waves. Weather forecasters are already predicting that the sun will make another appearance in the next few weeks, so summer may not be drawing to a close just yet.

Of course, the closer we come to the end of the season the fewer outdoor drinking opportunities 2017 has to offer, so it’s worth taking best advantage of every one, by knowing exactly where you’ll head when the chance presents.

Outdoor drinking at your favourite cocktail bar in Liverpool

When you were a kid, the idea of a beer garden in Liverpool probably conjured up images of sipping a can of coke and eating a bag of crisps while your dad sipped on a pint of beer at the local. Things have progressed slightly since then. While it’s almost definitely still possible to head to your suburban local for a pint with your folks, the city’s cocktail culture has led to the creation of urban outdoor garden bars.

Here at Alma, you can now select from our sophisticated bar snack menu, as well as our comprehensive list of Cuban and classic cocktails, beers, wines and spirits, then enjoy all the ambience of your favourite cocktail bar in Liverpool, out in the sunshine.

If you are looking for a beer garden in Liverpool that allows you to enjoy the city’s stylish bar culture in the sunshine then you’ve found us. Next time the sun comes out, join us on the terrace for cocktails. We’re already looking forward to it.

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