Film Festival Celebrating 60 Years of the Cuban Revolution

Friday the 18th of January, 2019

Irrespective of the restrictions enforced upon Cuba for more than half a century, it provides both a remarkable healthcare and education system, and, it was the first place to be visited by Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison in 1990.

What Cuba has shown the world is that it is a nation of activism and advancement, of resilience and revolution ? exactly what a recent film festival dedicated to the Cuban revolution was keen to document last week.

Situated on Great George Street ? just a stone?s throw away from the very Cuban Alma De Cuba ? the festival screened numerous movies that showed the accomplishments of Cuba in medicine, education and Feminism, while also looking at the Cuban revolution more closely and demonstrating how Cuba is vital to the United Kingdom.

So, we thought we?d take our own look at some of the revolutionary movies that were on show.

Women of the Revolution | Saturday 12 January 2019

The film festival, which was celebrating 60 years of the Cuban revolution, began by screening three movies dedicated to women and the roles they played in it.
Cuban revolution

One of those movies was Catherine Murphy?s 2011 documentary Maestra, which looked at the women involved in the 1961 literacy campaign. Cuba sent 250,000 volunteers across the Island to teach reading and writing and this is what Maestra touched upon.

The other movies on show were Mariela Castro?s March, Cubanas: Mujeres en Revolucion and Cuba: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism.

Cuban Revolution | Sunday 13 January 2019

The fundamental truth about the atmosphere of a cinema screening remains the same, with audiences and directors over the weekend demonstrating a passion for Cuba and everything Cuban. The cinema screening lasted for the entire weekend and showcased some of the best movies about the Cuban revolution.

Cuban revolution


On Sunday 13 January, audience members were treated to an exclusive screening of Steven Soderbergh?s two-part biopic Che, which follows a South American doctor turned worldwide revolutionary (Che Guevara) and his endeavours to overthrow the government in 1957.

?Expressive, innovative, exciting, bold, beautiful and bleak,? were just some of the superlatives used by Cinematical?s James Rocchi to describe Che, concluding his review by pronouncing it as a ?work of art.?

Following Che came Connie Field?s ?Saludi, a documentary which spanned three continents and examined the doctors and nurses placing Cuba on the healthcare map.

?Saludi! recounted the unknown story of Cuba: a poor country overcoming adversity to provide universal healthcare and helping other developing nations do the same.

Taking everything into account, Che and ?Saludi! were both outstanding movies that succeeded in closing an equally outstanding celebration of Cuba.

Alma De Cuba

Celebrate everything revolutionary at Alma De Cuba, Liverpool?s favourite Cuban bar and restaurant.

Cuban revolution

Located within the historic old church on Seel Street, Alma De Cuba is simply stunning. The listed building with its famous white casing boasts breathtaking original features, with spectacular windows and a grand, old pedestal that dominates the already awe-inspiring room.

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