What puts Alma amongst the city’s best cocktail bars?

Monday the 7th of August, 2017

Could we be the best cocktail bar in Liverpool?

Not that we like to blow our own trumpet (too often) but it really isn’t unusual for us to hear Alma de Cuba described, by our wonderful customers, as one of the best cocktail bars in Liverpool.

Like all good local cocktail bars we work hard to maintain our stellar reputation and we are proud every time we hear this praise, so we thought we’d take the time to list a few of our finer points.

Here are the things that, we are reliably informed by those that grace us with their presence, make our Cuban homage one of the best cocktail bars in our fair city:


The best cocktail bar menu

This is an obvious one, we’ll grant you that. We could hardly be known as one of the best cocktail bars if our drink menu wasn’t up to snuff but that’s why we believe it’s worth mentioning front and centre.

It’s an eclectic mix, our cocktail menu. Those visiting us to experience a traditional Cuban cocktail bar with a Liverpool edge can work their way through our authentically prepared Cuban classics.

Cocktail fans with a taste for the classics won’t be disappointed either. Then, naturally, our master mixologists have taken the time to prepare some of their own creations, which have become instant classics amongst our patrons.

It’s all pretty classic really and one thing is for absolutely sure, there is plenty of choice.


The d?cor

Now this accolade we’ll own ? ours is most definitely the best damn looking of local cocktail bars. From the moment people enter Alma de Cuba they are wowed by the sheer scale of the perfectly restored old church.

As blank canvases go, we have got a good one but we like what we’ve done with the place. We think you will too.


The best cocktail bar entertainment

There aren’t many local cocktail bars that offer up gospel choirs and rumba dancers in full costume every week. There are less still that make it rain rose petals from the sky. Ours is the party where it’s Mardi Gras every week and there is a reason to celebrate every day.


All of these are the reasons why we’re known as one of the best cocktail bars in Liverpool. We haven’t even got started on the Cuban food menu.

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