Take an Exclusive Look Inside the Best Liverpool Night Out

Thursday the 6th of September, 2018

Looking to up the drama of your Saturday evening? Prepare to be bewitched by the best Liverpool night out in the city. Hidden within the stunning interiors of an old church, Alma de Cuba?s weekend offerings bring the spirit of Cuba to life (with a touch of secretive Voodoo to spice up the early hours).

Liverpool?s most spectacular restaurant and bar, set within the magnificent conversion of the former St Peters Catholic Church, draws together the influences of Cuba, Hispanic communities and Latin America to create an island of celebration in the heart of the city.

And our Saturday night fiestas are famous for being a riot of colourful and carnival every week, with feathers, flames and fiesta atmosphere. Intrigued? Take an exclusive look at what the best Liverpool night out looks like below?

Start Your Saturday Night with a Fiesta

liverpool night out

The Samba Girls ready to fiesta

Get down to Alma de Cuba on Seel Street to enjoy tropical cocktail temptations and a dance underneath the stunning interiors of the old church.

From the classic concoctions of Mojito, Daiquiri and Pina Colada to Alma’s very own Fig and Amaretto Sour or The Don, our eclectic cocktail menu is sure to bring some Caribbean sunshine to your Saturday night.

And make sure you?re there by 11pm, because that?s when the fiesta fun really starts ? as the clock strikes, you can be witness to our famous petal shower ? the moment when thousands of blooms fall from the ceiling all around you, in a magical celebration of the night to come.

liverpool night out

The famous petal drop

But that?s not all ? as you enjoy the excitement of the floral drop, our very own Samba girls (dressed to impressive) take to the stage for a carnival dance like no other. Get your hips in the mood for action, because our dancers love to get everyone involved.

liverpool night out

These Samba Queens will be shimmying and shaking all night. Prepare to be dazzled by their exotic costumes, will all manner of feathers, jewels and gemstones, as they take to the stage in a whirl of feathers, feisty-ness and fiesta-vibes.

Give in to Voodoo

liverpool night out

The fiesta has to end, but what comes next will enrapture you. Be prepared for the lights to dim as the forces of darkness take over your night.

When midnight hits, the spirits of Voodoo starts to awake at Alma de Cuba and your Saturday night won?t ever be the same again as the notorious Dr Darkness takes you on a journey to another world. Inspired by the culture of Voodoo across the globe, Alma’s club night is an experience of mystic and magic to fascinate and enthrall night-time wanderers.

liverpool night out

Get ready for bewitching forces to entrance you as conjurers manipulate the elements with fire displays and minions of the darkness flood Alma de Cuba. Watch out for strange beings mingling amongst the crowd as you continue the party into the early hours with our house DJ on the decks, ensuring you have an unforgettable Liverpool night out.

liverpool night out

Experience the best Liverpool night out this week

Our famous carnival nights happen every Friday and Saturday at Alma de Cuba. The notorious Voodoo club night is on every Saturday from midnight.

liverpool night out

For more information, visit the Alma de Cuba Facebook page. To book a booth, please call 0151 305 3744

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