Premier Cuban restaurant and cocktail bar for Liverpool

Monday the 7th of August, 2017

Serving traditional Cuban food, drink and beats

To many people we are their favourite cocktail bar in Liverpool. To others Alma de Cuba is a destination Cuban restaurant in Liverpool’s bustling city centre. To some people, we’re known as both. If you were to ask us, the team behind Alma de Cuba, we’d probably tell you that ours is a venue inspired by Cuba, inspired by the fantastic city in in which it resides and most definitely inspired by the grandiose nature of the impressive building itself.

Described as the best cocktail bar in Liverpool

The much has certainly been said about us in many a review and it makes us beam with pride every time we read it.

Do we like to look good? We’re only one of the best looking bars and restaurants in the city. Do we have a flair for the flamboyant? Regular appearances from our fabulously attired rumba dancers, adorned with feathers and jewels, would suggest that we do. Do we throw a fantastic party? Too right. So, are we the best cocktail bar in Liverpool? Well, we wouldn’t couldn’t possibly lay claim to that one ourselves but we certainly make every effort to give the crowds what they want.

What they want ? the returning party goes and the visitors to our city alike ? seems to be a combination of the best Cuban cocktails, classic cocktails and completely original cocktails in town, sipped to an accompaniment of Latin American beats and with the option to order some traditional Cuban food.

In the evenings we are one of the busiest cocktail bars in Liverpool. At any time of the day or night we offer a breathtaking interior that makes us a real destination for visitors to the city and, daytime and early evening, we are one of the only traditional Cuban restaurants in Liverpool.

A Cuban restaurant for Liverpool

We fuse sexy, sensual Cuban beats with a taste sensation of traditional Cuban eats and a vista that is an absolute feast for the eyes. Sumptuous, is a word that goes a long way towards describing a lot about Alma de Cuba.

Whether you’re joining us for our Sunday Gospel brunch or an evening fine dining experience we’ll ensure that all of your senses are equally satisfied. There is a whole lot on the menu at Alma de Cuba and you’ll be eating it up long before you pick up your knife and fork.

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