The best cocktail menu in Liverpool?

Monday the 2nd of October, 2017

From the best cocktail bar in Liverpool!

When you look at a cocktail menu in a Liverpool bar are you looking for the quantity of the choice or the quality of the ingredients?

Personally, we’d suggest that you go for quality every time but thankfully, at Alma de Cuba you don’t have to make the decision. The cocktail menu at our Liverpool bar is pretty extensive to say the least and available with some of the best cocktail offers in Liverpool.

Cocktail offers in Liverpool

Let’s face it, every cocktail bar in Liverpool probably has some kind of offer on, so if you’re just looking for cocktail offers in Liverpool you’re going to have plenty to choose from.

However, not all offers are created equal. As we said, when it comes to choosing a cocktail, we suggest that you look for a certain level of quality. And you can trust us ? we’re experts!

Anyone can pour some sugary syrup into a glass and add vodka. You could do that at home and pay a lot less than any cocktail offer in Liverpool will sell you it for!

Only trained and experienced mixologists like the ones behind our bar can create a mouth watering delectation that could be considered a masterpiece in a glass!

These are the drinks worth leaving the house for! When you go to a restaurant you don’t want to eat something you could have made yourself at home.

When you peruse a cocktail menu in Liverpool, it makes sense to look for a drink that you couldn’t possibly have put together in your PJs!

From the best daiquiris in town to a range of Cuban inspired concoctions of our own invention, you’ll find plenty of unique and interesting drinks to tempt you, amongst the pages of our menu and, oh, did we mention that they are available on a two-for-one offer right now?

The best BOGOF cocktail offer in Liverpool

At the moment, all day Monday – Thursday and until 8pm on Friday we are offering two cocktails for the price of one. That offer includes every drink on our cocktail menu! The watermelon martini, the fig and amaretto sour, the espresso martini, the kir royale… the lot!

So if you’re looking for somewhere with a cocktail offer in Liverpool don’t settle for subpar!

Come and sip in style, for less.

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