Carnival themed events every Friday and Saturday

Dance in the petal shower

Fridays and Saturdays are your perfect opportunity to dance alongside our fabulous rumba dancers, bathed in a shower of petals, as we prepare to turn Alma de Cuba into the biggest Mardi Gras in town with one of our weekly carnival themed events.


We bring the carnival theme to Liverpool

Following years of bringing the Latin American party spirit to our city, Alma de Cuba is famed for weaving the carnival theme into Liverpool every Friday and Saturday, without fail. Ours is the only cocktail bar in Liverpool where 11pm on a Friday and Saturday feels like a New Year’s celebration every single week!

Unsure what we mean? If you haven’t been to one of our Friday and Saturday night carnival themed events before it might not be easy to imagine what a Liverpool Mardi Gras would look like, so let us paint you a picture. Our vast, dramatic and beautiful venue ? an impressively converted church ? is filled with deep Cuban beats, courtesy of our resident DJ. Along to those hip shaking tunes, dance our world famous rumba dancers in the most colourful, authentic, gravity defying costumes you can imagine. On top of this, our carnival themed events really get the party started in spectacular fashion by letting a cascade of rose petals fall from the upper floor onto the crowds of party goers at exactly 11pm. The beat changes, the petals descend and the dancers work their magic to get every last person on their feet and enjoying the celebration. And it is a celebration; it’s a celebration of Friday night! What other excuse do you need?


So come and visit our Cuban cocktail bar in Liverpool

Believe us when we say that this weekend’s carnival themed event is going to be a sight to behold! Don’t miss out. If you are thinking of making a night of it don’t forget that as the most authentic Cuban cocktail bar in Liverpool we’ll also be serving a selection of drinks to perfectly match the mood.


When and where to find the carnival theme in Liverpool

We bring our carnival themed events every single week, on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm. If you plan to come and join us this Friday or Saturday?? and we really hope you do ? we’d advise that you arrive early because, though the petals fall from 11pm the tunes drop from much earlier and things get busy. You can’t beat the atmosphere of Friday and Saturday nights at Alma de Cuba.

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