The History and Influences of Latin American Cuisine

Alma de Cuba is best-loved as a Latin American inspired bar and restaurant. So, we thought we’d take a look back at the fascinating history of Latin American cuisine. Latin America covers a diverse area of the world, with cuisines varying across each nation. Each country has particular specialities of its own.

However, dishes typically tend to be based around rice, beans and maize. This includes everything from arepas and pupusas to tacos, tamales and tortillas.And of course, colourful and creative Latin American cuisine is given plenty of flavour from salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo, chimmichurri and more.

Each Latin American country tends to have a distinct spice of their own, however they may use some of the same at varying quantities. As Latin American countries refers to areas colonised by Spain and Portugal, the diversity and evolution of cuisines can be linked back to to the fusion of cultures throughout the years.

Global Cultural Influences

It may come as a surprise that Latin American cuisine also draws influence from across the globe. Native Americans used crops such as corn,?chu?o and potatoes. Today, these crops continue to be used in modern-day Peruvian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, Paraguayan and Colombian dishes.

African influences can be seen in the meat in Latin American dishes. For example, in South America slaves would mix and season the food landlords left for them. These imaginative plates were adopted into the dishes of their respective nation. For example, the Peruvian tacu-tacu.

Latin American cuisine has also evolved from European influences over the years. Mostly, European influences are derived from Spain, Portugal and Italy. On a smaller scale, you may also find influences from France, Britain, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Dishes were also influenced by a wave of immigration from Asia, most notably China and Japan. Latin American people particularly adopted Chinese spices and food-styles, while the compliment was returned with Asian restaurants incorporating Latin American food-styled into their dishes.

Traditional Cuban Cuisine

Of course, at Alma de Cuba we are very much inspired by Cuban culture and cuisine. Cuban dishes show a diverse mix of Spanish, African and Caribbean influences. Preparation techniques and dishes are typically based around spices including cumin, oregano and bay leaves can be linked to Spanish and African cooking.

Cuban dishes are also based largely around rice. A staple piece of Cuban dishes, rice is typically a part of lunch and dinner on a daily basis.

Alma de Cuba Liverpool

Alma de Cuba is an iconic bar and restaurant in the heart of Liverpool. Best known for serving an eclectic range of dishes, each of our menus draws inspiration from creative and colourful Latin American, Hispanic and Cuban dishes.

Our A La Carte menu offers diners a wide range of choice. Starters include everything from our tasty Fish Taco to Alma Avocado Salad dressed in our own green chimichurri dressing. Mains feature our Cuban Bobo Mullet and and Berenjena Pappardelle.

We also serve up an array of mouthwatering desserts served in style. Diners can look forward to tucking in to our Chilli Chocolate Brownie, Pineapple and Mango Cheesecake, Spiced Orange Polenta Cake and more delicious treats.

Set inside Liverpool’s magnificent former St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Alma de Cuba is a favourite amongst Liverpool locals and a must-visit for visitors to the city. We have an unmissable range of offers making your experience all the more special.

To keep up with the latest news, events and offers at Alma de Cuba. Make sure you head over to our Facebook page for daily updates. We look forward to seeing you soon? at Alma de Cuba.?

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